Slightly new take on my final project:

instead of creating one altered image i will create a series images

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Spent an hour editing details/erasing background and making the background white to simplify the image and “unfinished” quality of the piece. Having second thoughts about the way to present my piece…possibly going to create a silhouette and add figures/pieces of different women into the silhouette.

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extra cred–Stephen Vitiello

Visual and sound artist Stephen Vitiello was originally a punk guitarist. He did not turn his back of his love for music in any way. He is currently an associate professor in the Kinetic Imaging department at VCU. Vitiello has collaborated with musicians like Pauline Oliveros and visual artists including (previously mentioned) Nam June Paik and Joan Jonas (which i love!). He has been said to make beautiful sounds out of everyday noises.  studied literature and plastic art


His sounds are very interesting. I especially enjoyed “Spinning” and “Owls, Drips and Frogs”. “Owls, Drips and Frogs” is exactly what it sounds like. The title may seem odd, but Vitiello corresponds all the sounds into a comprehensive, smooth piece. “Spinning” and “Nearly There” have a vintage feel/sound. “Nearly There” at one point has a man’s voice talking about how much gas he purchased. I picture a scene with an old 1950s car and a woman in the passenger’s seat with a turquoise head scarf.

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After having multiple issues with building a body from scraps, I decided to try a different approach. I made a silhouette of a body and will now fill this figure with other figures…….kind of like coloring inside the line……


until next time-

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Nam June Paik

Forerunner in video art, Korean American artist Nam June Paik was originally a music man. He went to school in Tokyo, Japan for undergraduate. While in Germany he attended graduate school for music history. He had the great opportunity of meeting influential artists and composers such as John Cage.


Most famous for his work “Something Pacific”. Paik placed a Buddha statue across from a television monitor (with the reflected image of Buddha). This is now at the University of California. Another widely recognized piece of Paik’s is “Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii”. He compiled 336 televisions, 50 DVD players and used over 170 meters of neon lighting to create the “US”.

Great artist–props to anyone who is the first to do something, and do it successfully.

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Hooray! Played around with pasting parts on top of one figure, then deleting the figure underneath. Looks much better and I feel more confident in my plan.


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This is getting frustrating. More editing with no good results. Aesthetically my work looks like crap. First I tried cutting sections of bodies with square marquee tool…too blocky. Then with magnetic lasso. too choppy….starting to rethink how to present this project. Maybe printed pictures and physically cutting and pasting?



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More editing…..

Trying to figure out how best to display and cut and paste fragments of bodies. Think I will start with one full body as an outline/guide then copy and paste others over the layers. technicalities


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Took pictures of 2 more models, loaded and edited some on photoshop! ..cutting heads off etc.

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Set up camera (with the help of Rosemary) and photographed 6 nude women during class-time. Got some great photos! First time for everybody-awesome

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