This is a series from Digital Approaches in Spring ’12.


Created as a rebuttal to the media and its portrayal of women and what is “beautiful”.

With its magazine covers, every other comment on a size 2 woman’s Facebook photo saying “You should be a model!”,  the Internet is continuously undermining the definition of beautiful, making it easy for women to be concerned that they are not fitting into the acceptable weight, shape and size. I have often heard young women rant about their bodies and how unappealing they are, when, to me, they are all so interesting. What makes beauty is the wide variations it comes in.

People (online) are taking over our thoughts and transforming our own ideas via constant bombardment of skinny is beautiful” mideset. Yes, skinny can be beautiful. And so can every other form.  

What better place for a piece such as this to live, than on the Internet?


This series also has heavy emphasis on body image, of young women in particular. I wanted to create a number of beautiful bodies, by combining actual images from 10 nude models I shot, showing that all sizes and body types are different and that’s what make us interesting!